[Tizen Application-dev] [Push] Tizen Server URLs not working?

Michel Mongkhoy mmongkhoy at sophiacom.fr
Wed Jan 15 00:07:02 GMT 2014

Hello everyone!

I want to send a push notification to my Tizen device from the USA - California, in the Bay area to be more specific ;-)

I ended up naturally to this documentation page: 

First problem

Requests with the {region} are not working

The documentation says we must use this request URL 
Try to use all the available values of {region}, none are working...

Second problem

URL for US West is not working

So far, I couldn't reach this URL

Some relevant facts

* I succeeded to receive notifications on the emulator
* The US East server was not working this morning (Pacific Time) but is now back online
* I tried to use the other servers URL, with no success so far. 
* When I send my POST request to send a notification, the server always send me back a 1000 status code in the JSON reponse.
* My Tizen model is the Device-PQ
* My Tizen version is the TIZEN 2.2.0 (Tizen_Ref.Device-PQ_20130719.1629)
* When I installed the new Tizen 2.2 image on the device, I installed the Core App Preloaded image , not the Reference Application Preloaded image (more details in here: https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Flash_Tizen_2.2_Image_to_Reference_Device)

Example of the request I use

* Request: 

curl -X POST -H "appId: {myAppId}" -H "appSecret: {myAppSecret}" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "regID": "{registration id of my Tizen Device}", "requestID":"000002", "message":"badgeOption=SET&badgeNumber=10&action=ALERT&alertMessage=Bonjour Sophiacom", "appData":"Hello world" }' https://useast.push.samsungosp.com:8088/spp/pns/api/push --insecure

* Response: 
	"results": [
			"regID":"{registration id of my Tizen Device}",

Thank in advance for your help! 

Michel Mongkhoy

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