[Tizen Application-dev] Application-dev Digest, Vol 33, Issue 1

Chengyi Zhao checkzhao at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 7 03:22:13 GMT 2014

> Dear Friends.
> Actually.. I have another question about WIFI.
> I tried finding wifi disconnect method. but I NOT found.
> I saw reference the " Tizen::Net::Wifi::WifiManager " class. however
> disconnect method is nowhere.
> Without turning off Wi-Fi, Can you disconnect the connected AP?
> I want to connect to a specific AP.
> However, at the AP list are connected to the first of AP automatically. So
> I thought solved this problem.
> I thought one way.. get the connected AP name and compare the I want to
> specific AP name. If that is not same, I do disconnect.
> If same.. I connect that AP.
> HOWEVER... I not found disconnect way.

I suggest you can try follow methods to forget the first AP of the automatic connection,
and then you can automatically connect to a specific AP at first.

void Tizen::Net::Wifi::WifiBssInfo::SetUnknown(void) 
Tizen::Net::Wifi::WifiManager::UpdateBssInfo(const WifiBssInfo &bssInfo)

Best Regards,

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