[Tizen Application-dev] Web application creation from UI builder

Hiroki Minagawa h_minagawa at pcp.co.jp
Wed May 14 01:00:05 GMT 2014

Although it may not fully answer your question, I suggest you
not to use UI builder if you are thinking of producing
two or more apps using the same design templates.

My team has created hundreds of Tizen web apps.
At the initial state of examining the most efficient way to produce many Tizen web apps,
we came to realization that we'd better not use UI builder.
I do not quite remember why was it so for it was long ago, but I remember
it has to do with jquery...

Please, this is only a suggestion, and do not take it offensively for UI builder is a very fascinating tool.

(2014/05/13 19:38), Ruchi Sharma wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to create a UI for an application using Tizen UI builder tool. I am using *Tizen SDK,* Version : 2.2.1, Build id : 20130927-1500.
> If I run this UI builder application on simulator it runs fine and shows proper UI as expected.
> UI builder tools also generates HTML5 page and CSS style sheet information.
> I want to use this HTML5 and CSS information for creating separate Web application. Is there any proper way to create web application project from UI builder project ??
> I tried to copy html page and CSS page manually in the web application project and run it on simulator but only text was shown, not a proper UI.
> Is there any appropriate way to create web application from UI builder project ??
> Thanks !!
> Warm Regards,
> Ruchi Sharma

Hiroki Minagawa
h_minagawa at pcp.co.jp

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