[Tizen Application-dev] Qt plans for Tizen 2.x and 3.x

Mats Wichmann m.wichmann at samsung.com
Wed May 14 02:51:34 GMT 2014

On 04/05/14 16:01, Tomasz Olszak wrote:

sorry, somehow I didn't notice there were new messages in this list.

> Dnia czwartek, 3 kwietnia 2014 08:51:09 Thiago Macieira pisze:
>>  - if you're an ISV, you will have to bundle the Qt libraries inside your
>> .tpk  when submitting to the Tizen Store. Note that I cannot guarantee that
>> the Store will accept your application...
> I would like to add a few thoughts regarding Qt and Tizen Store.
> We submitted an exemplary application a few months ago, it was accepted and 
> after a few weeks "suspended". The reason was using X11 symbols. I believe 
> that Tizen Store policy tries to guarantee that application will work after 
> "big" update... when e.g. Tizen will move from X11 to wayland. 

That's a nice thought, but I've not heard of such (forward-looking store
policy), beyond what's in the TCS that is. It's just I assume someone
suddenly noticed the "illegal" X11 symbols - and/or misread their usage.
 The issue of plugins is something that should be looked at, I don't
know if the tools have the sophistication to work this out.

> The possible solutions to successfully submit Qt application to Tizen Store 
> could be as follows:
> 1. Qt will be treated as native game engines frameworks
> 2. Tizen Compliance Document and/or Tizen Store Policy will define wider scope 
> of basic Linux libraries supported in Tizen.

There's a tizen-compliance mailing list, which is a place actually
encouraged to make suggestions of this (#2) nature :)  "How do you add
another framework" is a question of broader scope.

It's my unofficial understanding that store policy is "accept tizen
compliant applications".  In implementation there may be differences
which would be good to know about in these still early days of the
program. Figuring out if a plugin is a problem or not has plauged people
looking at app compatibility problems for many years now.

-- mats
(compliance gremlin)

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