[Tizen Application-dev] how to back to previous page

VanCutsem, Geoffroy geoffroy.vancutsem at intel.com
Thu Nov 27 10:30:47 GMT 2014

Hi Bray,

There is no official native API in Tizen 3.0. It's possible of course to use the core APIs of the various middleware components but I would advice to architect it carefully so as to work nicely within the Tizen architecture (esp. regarding multi-seat/multi-user and the security framework).

Having said that, if you can give some more details on what APIs you intend to use there may be folks on this mailing list that could help with your question regarding a 'back' button.


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Hi everyone:

I'm developing a native app on Tizen IVI 3.0.

When I press the back button,I want to back to previous page.
Is there any API I can use or I must memory the flow history?
any examples can be  send to me.



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