[Tizen Application-dev] Why does Tizen development require Java?

Michael Johnson Michael.Johnson at Symphonyteleca.com
Wed Feb 25 17:24:49 GMT 2015

Hi Ben,

Assuming I'm understanding your question properly, it's possible that it's because the Tizen IDE is eclipse-based, and that requires Java to run.  If I've interpreted the question incorrectly I hope someone can give you a better answer.


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As someone who comes from a background in web development, I've spent
very little time with Java, so I have a relatively fundamental
understanding of it. After taking the time to remove OpenJDK from my
Linux Mint installation and install Oracle JDK so I could install the
SDK package for Ubuntu, I found myself wondering why Tizen development
requires Java to be used when the focus of the OS is on using HTML5 and
JavaScript. I haven't been able to find much info online, so I was
hoping this group could help me.

My guess would be that is has something to do with packaging the apps to
be run on the emulator and hardware, but I could be wrong. Would anyone
be willing to shed some light on this for me? If I had the notion to
develop and test apps for Tizen on Linux without using Java, would that
be a possibility; if not, what would get in the way?

Thanks in advance.

Ben Lloyd Pearson - Open Source Operations
Samsung Open Source Group
benp at osg.samsung.com

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