[Tizen Application-dev] [Dev] Unable to load some of the Tizen extensions for Crosswalk

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Mon Jun 1 14:57:41 GMT 2015

Hi Jose,

Once again thank you for the support. I have solved the issue by adding 
the following line to capi-base-common.inc in "Tizen on Yocto":

capi-base-common_files += "${prefix}/lib/libcapi-base-common.so.*"

For more details you can have a look at my commit to the tizen-distro 
fork in GitHub:

The same change have to be applied to the upstream. May be I should 
update my change request which is pending anyway and is also related to 
capi-base-common: https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/39798

Best regards,

On 1.06.2015 15:37, Leon Anavi wrote:
> Hi Jose,
> On 1.06.2015 15:30, José Bollo wrote:
>> Le vendredi 29 mai 2015 à 20:02 +0300, Leon Anavi a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> I noticed that not all of the Tizen specific APIs are available in web
>>> apps on Tizen:Common built for HummingBoard (Freescale i.MX6 ARM) using
>>> Yocto. My research shows that some of the Tizen extensions for 
>>> Crosswalk
>>> are not loaded. These extensions are successfully built and shipped in
>>> the image:
>> (snip)
>>> Why the rest of the extensions are not loaded? How can I load them?
>> I just made the same test and discovered that, on my side, only
>> libtizen_system_info.so was not loaded. All the other libraries are
>> loded.
>> I typed "journalctl | grep system_info" and got
>> juin 01 05:22:01 lenovo06 sh[1839]:
>> [0601/052201:WARNING:xwalk_external_extension.cc(47)] Error loading
>> extension
>> '/usr/lib64/tizen-extensions-crosswalk/libtizen_system_info.so': 
>> /usr/lib64/tizen-extensions-crosswalk/libtizen_system_info.so: 
>> undefined symbol: _ZN19SysInfoNetworkTizen14StartListeningEv
>> juin 01 05:22:01 lenovo06 sh[1839]:
>> [0601/052201:WARNING:xwalk_extension_server.cc(411)] Failed to
>> initialize
>> extension: /usr/lib64/tizen-extensions-crosswalk/libtizen_system_info.so
>> Can you check the journal? "journalctl | grep tizen-extensions"
> Thank you for the hint! It is very useful. I have already done it 
> earlier today and I discovered that in my case the extensions fail to 
> load due to:
> libcapi-base-common.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file 
> or directory
> Now I am trying to fix the issue in the Yocto recipe for 
> capi-base-common. I will provide feedback when I have any progress.
> Thanks,
> Leon
>> Best regards
>> José

Leon Anavi
Software Engineer
Mob : +359 88 527 7901

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