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nikhil ahire nikhil.eluminous at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 04:56:01 GMT 2015

Hello There,
        I am a new to tizen based samsung Tv app SDK. I want to develop an
tizen tv app. I downloaded Samsung SDK 1.4, installed it with JAVA SE and
JRE 1.8. I created first basic TV app and run it on simulator. It works
great on simulator, but when I opened it into emulator it shows application
installed. When I click on app in emulator it doesn't respond anything.
However I got a chance to run it on real Tizen based Samsung TV. I put my
app's '.wgt' file in USB and connected it to TV, but it shows error that
this application didn't support to that TV which actually works well on
        I didn't change major thing in indexhtml of my project. I just
commented all content in body and put one iframe that contains my php page.
This works in simulator great. But I want to run this app on emulator as
well as on TV.

        I didn't found any tutorial for that tells about developing tizen
based TV app.

        Please help me out of this problem. I hope you will understand my
problem and will give me best solution out of it. I am eagerly waiting for
your reply.


Nikhil Ahire,
Software Developer.
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