[Tizen Application-dev] Issue with common-crosswalk-suite on Intel NUC

Leon Anavi leon.anavi at konsulko.com
Wed May 27 17:07:01 GMT 2015


I am getting error below when I try to launch common-crosswalk-suite on 
Intel NUC with tizen-common_20150513.1.x86_64:

##-- Executing the suite : common-crosswalk-suite

## execution script: running testkit on tct-2dtransforms-css3-tests.xml
test widget will be uncompressed and installed...
path is /home/guest/-q
processing result : PACKAGE_NOT_FOUND [1] failed
spend time for pkgcmd is [20]ms

I am following the instructions for the following Tizen wiki article to 
run the tests:

This is the exact command that I execute to run crosswalk tests as root:
common-suite-launcher launch --suites common-crosswalk-suite

What is the state of the Crosswalk test suite? Is it supposed to be 
working on Tizen:Common?


Leon Anavi
Software Engineer
Mob : +359 88 527 7901

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