[Tizen Application-dev] Tizen Port for Raspberry Pi 2

Mats Wichmann mats at osg.samsung.com
Mon Sep 21 20:59:38 GMT 2015

On 09/21/15 14:51, Leon Anavi wrote:
> Hi Yoandy,
> Based on my personal experience and as far as I know at the moment there
> are still issues to be resolved on the port of Tizen for Raspberry Pi 2
> which affect running HTML5 applications in Crosswalk on Wayland.
> As far as I remember last time I tried I was able to install the wgt
> file with pkgcmd but I was unable to launch it using app_launcher due to
> the Crosswalk issue on rpi2.

that's about right.

rpm packages (what you could think of as system packages) install fine.
 web app widgets aren't working right now.

By the way Yoandy, I should mention that the Odroid development board is
considered the reference device for Tizen TV at the moment, so you might
want to take a look at this one as well (irrespective of when the
Raspberry port issues get finished).

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