[Tizen Application-dev] Tizen wear emulator with Sim card

Kaustubh kaustubh at heypayless.com
Wed Dec 28 12:26:15 GMT 2016

Hi all,
I am an Android Developer who has just started to read up on tizen. I 
have Installed tizen SDK and run my first hello world application. I 
want to develop an Tizen Wearable Application for my company OSP Labs .
The application is for those wear devices with sim card in  the device 
Do you have an emulator or can we create an emulator which mocks the 
functionality of a wearable device with SIM card.
Do this emulator/devices with SIM have to follow the SAP (Samsung Access 
Protocol) for say dialing a phone or sending a message.
Or do these functionalities work as full fledged device.

Warm Regards,
Kaustubh N Bhangre

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