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Mykola Kadutskyi mykolakadutskyi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 00:54:58 UTC 2017


I'm starting building Tizen application for Smart TV.
The purpose of application basically will be to show html pages generated
on my server. So application will retrieve html page and media content
(images and videos) Then it will show everything on the Smart TV screen.

It also will include such functionality:

   - It will periodically do requests to check if content of particular
   page is changed so it will retrieve new version of the page if it is
   online, if TV screen is offline it will show existing content.
   - It will store any videos and images in TV's storage and load from TV
   instead of servers. So it is like caching for videos and images and html
   - html pages from my server will contain also js code (will be used for
   Animations ), so it should  be able to run it separately from Tizen's js.
   - Application will save cached html page with media files in TV screen
   and user can view previous states of the page.

So my questions are:

   1. What type of application should I start? Native (C++) or Web (html,
   js, css) ? It seems to me that Web app is enough for this type of app, but
   it is possible that we will add more functionality so user can interact
   with html content through TV (app will download html from server and then
   modify it so user can interact with it) . Is there any restrictions for Web
   app compared with Native in terms of TV's API usage?
   2. If you built something like this do you have any advice what to use
   and where to start?

Thank you!
Nick Kadutskyi
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