[Tizen Application-dev] Getting started with Tizen Studio

Thilo Cestonaro thilo at cestona.ro
Thu Apr 12 19:48:06 UTC 2018

Hi all!

I just wanted to try tizen studio, to build my own watch face or just 
for fun, but I'm going crazy with the certificates I need to create 
cause nothing enables me to deploy even a sample project to an emulator 

What I did so far; I started with the DigitalWatch sample project. So 
via File -> New -> Tizen Project -> Sample, I found the Digital Watch 
which looks easy and nice to start with.

I started, via the emulator manager, the W-3.0-circle-x86 Wearable 
Circle device. Waited until the sound was played and the display stays 

Opened the device manager, the emulated device is displayed there. Found 
the "Permit to install applications" context menu entry and created a 
samsung certificate profile.

This certificate could be uploaded to the emulated watch successfully.

Now I want to run the sample as I think this should be all prerequisites 
I need to do to be able to run it.

Right click the project, Run As, 1 Tizen Web application

After some seconds two errors pop up:

Installing the package... > Fail
Unexpected error occurred at the below step.
  `Installing the package...`
Please try again later.

The application installation on the device has failed due to a signature 
error! (error code: -12)

You need an appropriate certificate profile, which can be created or 
activated in the Certificate Manager. Do you want to open the 
Certificate Manager?

Ok. Might be the wrong certificate type. So back to the Certificate 
Manager and creating a tizen profile certificate and activating it.

Next thing after again running it as Tizen Web application is, that it 
fails :(.

But now the installation succeeded but the launch failed but only one 
error popup.

Running the application... > Fail
Unexpected error occurred at the below step.
  `Running the application...`
Failed to launch the Tizen Web Application. Please try again later.

And now I'm stuck, with no idea what to do or how I can get further.

Any ideas, hints or something?


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