[Tizen Application-dev] Porting Tizen 5.0 to Galaxy Smartphones

Raouf Rokhjavan rokhjavan.r at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 15:36:15 UTC 2019


After using Galaxy smart watches, I got really interested in Tizen OS as an
open source platform connecting a wide variety of embedded devices
together; meanwhile, it gives us much more flexibility to tune it for
specific devices and usecases which is not quite attainable on other

Despite using Tizen on low-end smartphones, I found that no new Tizen-based
smartphone has been released since 2017. What does it mean? Did Samsung get
disappointed from Tizen on smartphones? On the other hands, I am really
intrigued to port Tizen OS on more advanced hardwares like new Samsung's
Galaxy series smartphones.

Although I wanted to port Tizen 5.0 to Galaxy S9, the most challenging
problem, as far as I know, is the availability of drivers and HALs. How can
I port Tizen 5.0 to Galaxy S9? Is it basically possible considering
available public resources related to the hardware of S9? After porting,
can I experience basic functionalities of  smaprtphones similar to what we
have on community based Android OSs like Lineage OS?

Thank you.
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