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jolowlover at 163.com
Wed Jul 3 21:17:25 UTC 2019

Hi Everyone:

I am a freshman of Tizen application developers. Recently, I tried your Tizen Studio with some examples provided by your official developer websites  and feel confused about some accessiblity problem about technical support. I am aware of my questions may not be suitable  to answer, but I do hope you can reply me with email addresses of proper supporters.

I wanted to develop a smartphone app which can collect and present the data sensed and transmitted by your Glaxy Gear Watches.  After successfully tring a few exmaple projects step by step under the instruction of your developer website,  I connected my smartphone to the computer and hoped to try the examples on a target device instead of emulator device. 

However, the opotion list contains my smartphone, while the Device Manager does not.

And when I run it, errors happen as that the device doesn't support the project's platform:

My smartphone is a HUIWEI product, does this inconnection is caused by that the app generated by Tizen Studio is not suitable for the brand's system?
Or it is that the Tizen application can only be functioned on Samsung devices? For example, if I want to run a native application through Tizen Studio on a physical  Samsung smartphone, then it is posible to be loaed. 

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