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With GearS3, you might use Tizen3.0 or later.
As you can see in the API guide, you would use "wifi_manager_ap_get_rssi" to get info. about the specific AP.

Basically, the first param, wifi_manager_ap_h ap, is the handle for the specific AP.
So, when you want to get the RSSI for an AP, you would (1)specify an AP and (2)query the RSSI info about the AP.
The codelet can be found in the Tizen Source Repo here;
(1) int test_wifi_manager_get_ap_info(void)
(2) static bool __test_found_print_ap_info_callback(wifi_manager_ap_h ap, void *user_data)


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I want to get the rssi of WiFi using gear s3. I only found the following function int wifi_manager_ap_get_rssi (wifi_manager_ap_h ap, int *rssi) on the official website and I do not understand the parameter ap. How can I use this function specifically? Can you give some examples to illustrate? Or is there any other way to get WiFi rssi?
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