[Tizen Application-dev] Is Bluetooth communication possible for a phone paired with a gear?

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Mon Mar 25 06:22:52 UTC 2019


I will answer your question regarding GATT communication on Tizen wearable
with android phone.

1. I want to know if additional advertising is possible in gear and if scan
and connect are possible in Android phone.

 -> It is possible. We can advertising on gear even if your gear device was
paid with galaxy (In Watch manager).

     The bluetooth's connection establish using each socket based on UUID.
So if the UUID is different, several conneciton can be estabilshed.

2. If it is not possible, can i have communication with existing

If all of the above is not possible, I would like to know if there is
another way to communicate via Bluetooth.

 -> You can't use the existing connection in your application. Galaxy
Watch(Gear) and android's galaxy use the pre-assigned UUID to communicate.

     And it used BT RFCOMM channel - not GATT. So if you want to use GATT
communication between tizen wearable and galaxy phone, you create

     custom GATT service in your wearable app and connect it via mobile
galaxy app.

although the connection with the gear in the android phone did not show the
connection of the gear

But when I tried connecting unconditionally to bondedList, it seemed to be
Gatt communication.

In Gears, I am thinking of injecting service into all connected devices,
disconnecting and reconnecting android phones to find service after

However, I am expecting a side effect, and I want to know if it is possible
to find connectionList in the gear section and disconnect.

-> As I said, the communication between galaxy phone and watch is using
RFCOMM socket. So if you check the GATT connected status, no connected for

   If you check BT RFCOMM connection in android phone, the connection info
will be shown.

   "when I tried connecting unconditionally to bondedList, it seemed to be
Gatt communication." - Even if the connection is made, we can't send /
recieve the data in android phone side.

   Because the service UUID already be reserved by other application.

To communicate with galaxy phone on tizen wearable, you can use next method.

* Tizen Wearable (Galaxy Watch)

1. Create custom GATT server (Custom GATT service and charicteristic)

2. Advertise including custom GATT service

3. Wait the connection from galaxy mobile

4. If the GATT is connected, you can write / recieve the data to the remote
galaxy phone)

* Android mobile (Galaxy phone)

1. LE Scan and search the custom GATT UUID in advertisement packet

2. If the custom UUID is found, connect GATT.

3. Select Custom GATT service you want to communicate

4. And write / recieve the data

--- If you search play store in google, you can use the application for
scan / connect / transfer data to remote GATT server.

    (I am using "nRFconnect" app for LE scan and GATT connect. But I am not
sure the data transfer funtion provide in this app.)



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