[tizen-compliance] TCT installation issue on 64bit machine

Tang, Shaofeng shaofeng.tang at intel.com
Mon Feb 17 07:29:49 GMT 2014

Hello Maya,

Only the ARM binary of tinyweb and testkit-stub are included in the release packages http://download.tizen.org/tct/2.2.1/.
If you want to run the Web-TCT on IA platform. The source codes are available on Github.

I will check if the Make file work well for build a binary. and inform you later.

BR, Shaofeng

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Correction The emulation machine is 32bit, but the binary run fails with the error: cannot execute a binary file.

We will try a non-emulator machine and update.  (After a response from Mats W. of SRA-SV Open Source Group ).


From: Maya Maimon - Exch
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Subject: TCT installation issue on 64bit machine


I am trying to install the TCT latest tests on Ubuntu 64 bit and 64bit TIZEN emulation device. I use the web-tct-2.2.1_r1.tar.gz from http://download.tizen.org/tct/2.2.1/.

It seems like the resources (tinyweb) is compiled only for 32bit. As my test device (emulation) is 64 bit, the installation fails. Is there a way to supply sources for 64bit machines?

Can you help?


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