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Aliaksei Katovich a.katovich at samsung.com
Mon Dec 2 11:18:05 GMT 2013


>    one more doubt
>    On 2 December 2013 12:04, Stoppa, Igor <[1]igor.stoppa at intel.com>
>    wrote:
>    âHi,â
>    On 2 December 2013 11:45, Åukasz Stelmach <[2]l.stelmach at samsung.com>
>    wrote:
>    Â
>      Please consider upgrading tens (hundreds) of thousands units. If you
>      break them OTA you have to fix them OTA. You won't make N (where N ~
>      1E5, you may be lucky enough to make 10% of you customers download
>      flashing software for PC that still gives 90k) customers visit
>      repair
>      shops. You don't have that many repair shops to fix such failure (in
>      reasonable time).
>    Â
>    âI agree that, presented from this perspective there is a point to it.
>    Questions: how likely is it?
>    Of course even if it's unlikely one doesn't want to be the responsible
>    for the failure.
>    AFAIK nobody has yet managed to cause such massive failure on the
>    field.

	There are cases but i'd rather not point at them (google search will

>    But let's assume that, since it's better to be safe than sorry, some
>    mechanism has to be deployed,
>    I'm still not sure that btrfs is the right answer. Not for btrfs per
>    se, but rather because the rollback
>    would happen at a very low level which has no knowledge of what is
>    really going on. â
>    There should be also some mechanism to re-align with the user data
>    stored in the cloud,
>    which âmight have diverged significantly, in case the rollback happens
>    significantly later on, after the upgrade.

	versioning control for configs?

>    What happens to apps that have been upgraded and are not compatibleâ
>    with the older
>    OS revision?

	How can they be upgraded being incompatible with OS in the first
	place? Package manager should not allow this.

>    The new app might even have changed the config format.â

	And even this happens then:

	a) app should take care about configuration compatibility itself


	b) we could use VSC for config files (GIT?)


>    --
>    cheers, igor
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