[Dev] [RFC] Tizen system rollback

Stoppa, Igor igor.stoppa at intel.com
Mon Dec 2 11:19:53 GMT 2013

On 2 December 2013 13:09, Aliaksei Katovich <a.katovich at samsung.com> wrote:

>         * complex solution (reconstruction) vs simple (thin-provisioning);
>         * if I understand you correctly reconstruction implies package
>           re-installation which might become a problem due to:
>         - time consumed;
>         - space consumed;
>         - dependencies;
>         * how to rollback in case reconstructed configuration failed:
> files on
>         system got already replaced with new ones;

You just expect the device to be synchronized with the cloud, so that there
is nothing unique
on the device that can be lost.
Again, this has some requirements, but afaik all the current Android/iOS
have the same expectations, so it's not something unthinkable,

>         * how to recover from update if connectivity framework gets broken
> right
>           after.

You could have a non-upgradable partition that has working everything,
albeit in a minimalistic way.

This is how MACs do it.

        IMO snapshot based rollback is cheaper to make and maintain than
>         rebuilding.
Well, but you cannot really choose, right?
If the device is lost/stolen, there is _nothing_ to roll back.
Unless you want to upload to the cloud hte whole snapshot, but that would be
even worse, because it would require very large storage per user, while
from some repo can be scaled gracefully, even dynamically.

So reconstruction must be supported anyway and it must function well.
At that point, why not leveraging it also for this purpose?

cheers, igor
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