[Dev] Tizen Architecture, Applications

ANUJ MISHRA mishra.anuj at samsung.com
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I would suggest make this as wiki document rather than uploading PDF file as whole. You can 
easily make this document as wikitext allso you can cut paste those images from PDF document
as you are original author (no copyright issue). 

Moreover, this is Tizen 3.0 IVI Architecture, so it commands a new section under Tizen Architecture itself. 
The existing page has Tizen Mobile Architecture and this one is IVI Architecture. 

We should avoid adding PDF documents to wiki as it would be difficult to update the document later. 


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Title : [Dev] Tizen Architecture, Applications

Hi all,

I've added some slides to the Tizen Architecture page here:

as the linked PDF.  These are substantially to assist widget developers in finding their way around Tizen, and understanding what is and isn't available.  I'm not entirely sure this is the right place for this document.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a better location?

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