[Dev] Why is there no "tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().show()" call ?

Abramski, Adam M adam.m.abramski at intel.com
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Hi Duck,

I’m confused.  I thought in Tizen 2.1 or maybe it was 2.2, support of running an app in the background was to be supported or was that only for native apps?


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Hi duck,

Thanks a lot for your answer !
So if I get this correctly, it's a technical impossibility which leads to this nonexistent API call.

Things may be different for the IVI profile, which has a more "desktop" technical implementation, with a shell that would allow such a thing. But in this case, I agree that the API is not needed, because it would be the shell's role to show() an app (and the shell doesn't use nor require JS).
Things are a lot clearer now, thanks,


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hi manuel,

i think, i can answer your 2nd question,

"why is there no corresponding "tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().show()" call ?"

AFAIK, current javascript engine, JSC, does not allows background excution of web apps.

thus, some of javascript can not be executed. by this manner,

if web apps can call some of javascript codes, it means, it has top-most windows for that time.

and it also means, it does not need to bring up those apps to foreground.

this is why we did not make application.show().

hope this helps.



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Title : [Dev] Why is there no "tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().show()" call ?

Hi folks,

My question is linked to :
We just fixed (or at least, we tried to) the "tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().hide()" call under IVI profile.
It basically allows to hide an application using Web Runtime, from JS Code. What will then happen is that the underlying EFL toolkit will hide the window from view, and the user won't see the app anymore.
What leads me to the next question : why is there no corresponding "tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().show()" call ? Because it's only one-way now, the app will hide be can not be shown again (unless I'm missing something).

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