[Dev] Smack Feature for Vconf

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> For Tizen 3 the correct way to set the Smack label of a file will be in the manifest, using an assign:
> <assign>
>     <filesystem path="/a/b/c" label="Appropriate::Label" />
> </assign>

Just my few cents:
1. vconftool abstracts the storage location of vconf keys.

During the process of configuring the system precision and correctness is of paramount concern. Abstraction tends to make it difficult to be precise. During the configuration process abstraction often makes it difficult to track down inconsistencies and exceptional behaviors.

2. AFAIK manifest doesn't allow relative filepaths while setting smack permissions (please correct me if wrong)

Why would you want to use a relative pathname during the installation process? During the installation process it is important that you know where things really are.

Given above, will it be a good idea to strip off "-s" from vconftool ?

The '-s' code as implemented is unacceptable.

Gaurav Kalra
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