[Dev] can I get less review requests from gerrit

Łukasz Stelmach l.stelmach at samsung.com
Mon Dec 9 09:22:03 GMT 2013

Hello All.

Last week I requested a new repository for lrzsz with rights to maintain
it myself. I got them quite quickly (thanks a lot). What I got as a
bonus is the membership in the "Network & Connectivity - Maintainers"
group. It's an honour. This honour, however, comes with a bit of
annoyance, I've started getting review requests for the "Network &
Connectivity" domain, which finally made me write this letter.

In my humble opinion the domains and the groups (architects, maintainers
etc.) are too big to send review requests too all members of the groups.
I see a few problems here:

* the domains are broad and it is not possible for each and every
  reviewer/maintainer/etc. in the domain to comprehend all packages and
  properly judge every patch-set,

* the lists of reviewers are so long the responsibility dissolves and in
  the end no one can be held responsible for prompt response,

* everyone gets too much mail.

My proposal to solve the above problems is to assign smaller groups of
people to maintain every package who would get notifications about
changes. The rest of members of the domain groups would keep their
rights to the repositories (I am not sure how this would play with the greater
responsibilities of the "maintaining teams") but they won't be notified
automatically. The "maintaining teams" should (IMHO) comprise:

* two to four reviewers, members of the "Reviewers" group capable of
  giving ±2 to each repository,

* two to four maintainers, capable of merging and sending submit

One person may be a member of more than one "maintaining team".  On the
other hand larger packages like kernel or glibc may require more people,
then however, those people wouldn't be distracted by requests for review
of patches for grep or gzip.

Those teams of 4-8 people (instead of ~40-50 today) will get
notifications about new changes. Of course more people could be always
added to the list and everyone would be still allowed to set up watches
for repositories on their own.

Łukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
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