[Dev] can I get less review requests from gerrit

Ylinen, Mikko mikko.ylinen at intel.com
Mon Dec 9 13:28:38 GMT 2013

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 11:22 AM, Łukasz Stelmach <l.stelmach at samsung.com>wrote:

> My proposal to solve the above problems is to assign smaller groups of
> people to maintain every package who would get notifications about
> changes. The rest of members of the domain groups would keep their
> rights to the repositories (I am not sure how this would play with the
> greater
> responsibilities of the "maintaining teams") but they won't be notified
> automatically. The "maintaining teams" should (IMHO) comprise:

AFAIR, detailed subdomain structure has been discussed. However, I haven't
any proposals so far, though.

Since I've spent some time thinking this earlier (from the architecture
I'm sharing my proposal what these 'smaller groups' (subdomains) could be:


some subdomains may not be ideal but most Tizen/system functionality should
be covered.

-- Mikko
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