[Dev] Smack Feature for Vconf

Dominig ar Foll dominig.arfoll at fridu.net
Mon Dec 9 14:17:44 GMT 2013

Le 09/12/2013 02:11, Schaufler, Casey a écrit :
>> That means paths decided by vconftool needs to be known (and hard
>> coded) by the package maintainer (what if it is changed later ?).
> Yes. This is correct. I submit that this is a good thing. Developers who don't understand the environment in which they are developing are at a serious disadvantage. It makes it very difficult for them to contribute to the system beyond the niche they are working on.
I am afraid that I do not agree with the idea that app developpers
should know the abolute Path used by their Apps.
One of the big work required for enabling Multi user is linked to the
removal of the absolute paths. It is implemented in order to let the
option of where app installation and data dir occurs to the platform
developers in relation with dynamically created user names.

Furthermore as vconf tables can be created at installation time or by
the App at run time. The labeling of the table cannot always be done by
rpm installer.

The -s option might not be the most elegant code but it covers a real
need (adding label after App installation in a dynamic path model).

For Labels created during rpm install, we could replace the -s option by
a a patch in rpm installer to enable support of the platform metadata.

But what would be the preferred method for vconf tables created after
the rpm installation phase ?

I am afraid that to me the -s option looks like a pretty fair way to
solve that issue; furthermore it's already implemented in Tizen 2.2 and
changing the model for 3 does not seem, to me, to add any obvious.

It would be interresting to get the opinion of  Mobile's architects and
SeungYeup Kim who added the option -s for the Mobile vertical.


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