[Dev] Change toolchain cross-armv7l-gcc to private-gcc

김건호 gh007.kim at samsung.com
Wed Dec 11 04:15:00 GMT 2013



I tried to change cross compiler on OBS project from cross-armv7l-gcc to
private-gcc to version upgrade.

For this, I worked like this. 


1. Make OBS project to verify private-gcc and complete verification build

2. Moved toolchain packages (private-gcc, private-glibc, private-binutils,
etc…) to OBS staging project

to build Tizen RSA Base packages. 


In next step, Base packages can’t resolved private-gcc. 

So To change cross-compiler to build each packages, I removed cross-armv7l-
gcc that already exist in Base project

As I know it’s possible to change packages name to use “substitute”
command in Project Config.

But all package that should be compiled base armv7l are unreasonable
status. All packages can’t find private-gcc. 



To resolve ‘unreasonable’ at packages, what job is need? 

As I know in OBS system, if cross-compiler also exist in Base project. So I
just copy to Base project. 

Is that wrong? 


Best Regards, 

Geonho Kim.


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