[Dev] Smack Feature for Vconf

Gaurav Kalra gvkalra at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 09:02:11 GMT 2013

[Gaurav wrote]
>> While creating the key using vconftool, developer is expected to believe in
>> relative paths but while setting up smack permissions, hir is expected to
>> believe in absolute paths. This sounds more confusing to me.

[Casey wrote]
> Right. I think that the problem is vconftool. We shouldn't need it. The initial key files should be created when the package is built and installed as part of the package. It should not be done as a post-op.

I agree to it.

But AFAIK Tizen has witnessed plethora of debate around vconf and
there must be reasons that vconftool still exists. (I wish I knew why
it does)

Requesting platform/core/appfw/vconf maintainer Mr. Jong Sang Won
(CCed) for opinion.

Gaurav Kalra
Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore
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