[Dev] How to turn off debug packages for local gbs build?

Raphael Kubo da Costa raphael.kubo.da.costa at intel.com
Wed Dec 11 11:00:53 GMT 2013

l.stelmach at samsung.com (Łukasz Stelmach) writes:

>> As far as I know, two possible ways to disable debug packages.
>> 1.  insert "%define debug_package %{nil}" in the spec files.
>> 2. set "%debug_package %{nil}" in /etc/rpm/macros, which is supplied by package "rpm".
> The former is probably what you are looking for if you build data-only
> packages. The latter is somewhat cumbersom as /etc/rpm/macros in the
> chroot will be removed every now and then.

This is something that has also bugged me for a while. Alternatively, I
wonder if it makes sense to revisit
and make it possible to disable the creation of debug packages by
passing a new argument to gbs (that would be later passed on to

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