[Dev] SMACK file system question

Schaufler, Casey casey.schaufler at intel.com
Thu Dec 12 18:53:17 GMT 2013

Smack supports all Linux filesystems to one degree or another. Filesystems that do not support Linux extended attributes (xattrs) are treated as single Label filesystems, with all the files and directories treated as having the Smack label specified at mount time. The mount options smackfsroot and smackfsdefault are provided for this case, with both values defaulting to the floor ("_") label. Filesystems that support xattrs can have files with a variety of Smack labels.

Tizen-ivi currently uses ext4. We have also used btrfs. Any filesystem that supports xattrs is a reasonable choice.

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Which filesystem does Tizen SMACK support?
    (tmpfs?, Cramfs?, NTFS?, NFS? FAT?, btrfs? ext2? ext3? ext4? JFS? ReiserFS? XFS?)


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