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SHIVAKUMAR JAGALUR MATT shiva.jm at samsung.com
Wed Dec 18 12:01:41 GMT 2013

Dear Stephane,

       Thanks for the Information. We will review our Telephony package, if we found any other hardcode variable, which is not found in tizen-platform-config, we will add it to the file tizen-platform.meta 
        then push for review. I need few other information as below:

       1) The code available in project  platform/core/appfw/tizen-platform-config  is under "tizen" and some other branches only, but "tizen_3.0" branch is not listed yet  ? So which branch code we should use ?

      2) So, if we want to eliminate the hardcode paths found in our packages and fix them ( use the new variables availale in tizen-platform-config in our module) , We need to wait till the file tizen-platform-config or tizen-platform.meta is found on  "tizen_3.0" branch, then we can change in our module code, test the module and push our new modified code to gerrit? OR  We need to test is locally using tizen-platform-config available in "tizen" branch.

      3)  Do we need to use new variables availale in tizen-platform-config in our module OR Do we need use platform wrapper apis availble in project  platform/core/appfw/tizen-platform-wrapper, i.e   tzplatform_getname()  tzplatform_getui() and test our  modules?.


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Title : Re: Regarding Multi-User architecture, https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/PTREL-285


Dear Shiva,

Please find my answers in your text. Added Dominique in copy.

On 17/12/2013 06:40, SHIVAKUMAR JAGALUR MATT wrote:
> Dear  Sunil and Stephane,
>              I am working for Tizen::Telephony framework component, i
> need few information regarding Multi-User architecture changes.
>             1) Is the path that we need to change to suppourt multi-user
> is finalized now, https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Multi-user_Platform_Metadata ?

Any hardcoded path, user name, uid/gid must be changed. They are 
replaced by variables defined in tizen-platform-config (through 
different mechanisms depending on where the hardcoded item is found)

Actually, the full list of variables defined in tizen-platform-config is 
not finalized yet. From day to day, we have to add new paths, depending 
on the packages we fix.

So, the variables that are already defined shouldn't be removed (except 
if we find that we can merge 2 variables in one, i.e. associating the 
same path for two resources). Some new variables/paths will certainly be 
added, as we progess in the list of the 200+ packages to fix.

If you (your team) want to fix a given package, it may happen that you 
don't find the corresponding variable in tizen-platform-config. In this 
case, simply add it to the file tizen-platform.meta then push for review 
on gerrit and we'll merge the addition.

>             2) Is these changes apply to Tizen3.0 only?. is the Tizen3.0
> branch is ready to recevie submissions?

Yes it's only for Tizen 3.0.

>             3) Do we need any specific testing to ensure these changes
> made to suppourt Multi-User architecture?.

tl;dr: Testing is not specific yet: we must just ensure that the fixes 
for multiuser mode don't break things. Later, we'll have to add specific 
tests for multiuser modes (ex: concurrency between users, sharing 
resources between users etc.)

Long story:

Actually, the tizen-platform-config reflects the Tizen 2.1/2.2 single 
user situation: the paths/uids/... defined in the variables are the same 
as the ones we find in the source code or spec files.

We prepare the evolution in 4 steps:

Step 1: we switch from hardcoded paths/uid/... to dynamicaly defined 
paths/uid/... depending on the platform (profile), but the definition 
remains the same and we're still in single user mode = "Tizen 2.2 

Step 2: we change user id and name (no more 'app' with uid=5000 but 
'user1' with uid=1234) => this will break some mechanisms. After the 
fixes, we're still in single user mode, but flexible (user name/uid can 
be changed)

Step 3: switch the tizen-platform-config to "real" multi user mode: 
paths are changed to reflect a real multiuser model. Again, this will 
break things and should be fixed.

Step 4: finally, depending on each platform, we could have different 
multiuser modes: simultaneous or exclusive. Again, some things will 
break depending on the platform, concurrency/sharing modes etc.

Actually, we're in step 1 and we must test that the packages that we fix 
(remove hardcoded paths) are not broken. After the fix, they must work 
as before: no specific test to add yet.

> Thanks
> Shiva

You're welcome. I hope this clarifies the roadmap.

Best regards,

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