[Dev] upgrading systemd, upgrading kernel

Wu, Zhiwen zhiwen.wu at intel.com
Tue Dec 24 02:44:58 GMT 2013

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>> On Fri, 2013-12-20 at 11:33 +0100, Łukasz Stelmach wrote:
>> > I'd like to ask everyone here (and please pass this request to those
>> > who are not yet subscribed) to take more care when you upgrade
>> something.
>> > Especially if the upgraded software depends on components (kernel in
>> > this case) that may differ between profiles.
>> I am not sure it is correct to say in this case that systemd depends
>> on new kernel.
>> It is the Tizen security infrastructure which requires several
>> components to be patched, including systemd and the kernel.
>Before we go too far down the "blame security" path it should be noted that the
>kernel changes made to the ivi kernel were, with one exception, done for Mobile
>and are supposed to be present in the Tizen 2.2 kernel. The only one that was
>not done for Mobile relates to cgroups, and it does not appear from what I've
>seen that the problems it solves had been encountered yet.

[ Wu, Zhiwen] Do you mean that the "Failed to create root cgroup hierarchy: Permission denied Failed " problem had not been encountered yet on the environment including Tizen 2.2 mobile kernel and v208 systemd ? 

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