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It was <2013-12-26 czw 05:55>, when 김보곤 wrote:
> Dear All,
> I would like to ask about upstream branch policy in tizen.
> The case is about the package containing upstream and tizen (like glibc).
> I understand as following
> Version upgrade -> upstream
> patches from tizen developer -> tizen
> patches from open source community's master branch -> tizen
> patches from open source community's release branch -> ?
> My case is I would like to submit some patches from glibc community's
> release/2.18/ master branch.
> These patches are merged after glibc 2.18 is released.
> The confused point is this is from release/2.18/master(release) branch
> not master (developer) branch.
> Should I submit this patch to tizen branch or upstream branch?


The upstrem branch at Tizen repositories should be a direct copy of
upstream's master (not release/2.18/master!) branch (or official
archives[1]). Everything else you want to have in your package needs
to be on the tizen branch. That is the rule.

To upgrade you import an archive or commits from upstream and rebase the
tizen branch onto the tip of the upstream branch.

To take *some* upstream patches from from release/2.18/master or
backport some from master without upgrading the whole package, commit
them on the tizen branch.


[1] https://source.tizen.org/documentation/articles/gbs-import

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