[Dev] upgrading systemd, upgrading kernel

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Hello all,

I'll try to summarize this thread. We actually have the following kernels:
- ivi (ia32)
- mobile (ia32 & armv7)
- generic (ia32, x86_64 and later armv7, arm64 ...)

As explained by Artem, the IVI kernel is close to the latest upstream revision with some patches picked from the unstable kernel (3.13.x).

=> The sources are *not* specific to IVI.
=> The configuration *is* specific to IVI.
=> The packaging *is* specific to IVI (not initrd for example)

{Joel: The IVI kernel generally works on many IA boards including PC style boards. Many IVI developers use their standard IA laptop for development. As Stephane points out below,  it is close to generic}

As I recently tried different kernel versions to make Tizen:Generic work, I came to the conclusion that:
- Tizen:Generic needs a kernel >=3.12 with systemd 208
- Tizen:Generic needs some extra patches, mostly picked from upstream unstable branches (as Artem described, for example on cgroupfs and smack labels)

So the easy way to create the generic kernel was to fork the IVI kernel and make some updates on configuration (naming, support for more hardware & features ...).

=> The sources are the *same* as IVI
=> The configuration *is* specific to Generic kernel => The packaging *is* specific (example: we need an initrd for liveusb

My 2 cents for Tizen Kernel 2014 ;-)

Happy new year !

Stéphane Desneux
Intel OTC - Vannes/FR
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