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I believe the choice of which kernel version to use should be made by the device board support team based on the device drivers they need for their hardware. We know some Tizen board teams that are currently using the 3.8 kernel with the latest 3.0 development tip of Tizen IVI and some who are already using 3.12. These different choices were driven my their device driver development and support methodology.


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Dear Tizen Developers.

Is anyone in Tizen-IVI kernel interested in adopting LTSI kernel?



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Title : LTSI & Tizen Collaboration

Hi MyungJoo!

It has been a while since we have communicated the last.
I hope you are well and Tizen project is keeping you happy :-)

Anyway, I am sending this email to see if Tizen Kernel team may be interested in working with LTSI.

LTSI 3.10 will be released next January, and the merge window is currently open (until the end of December).
If Tizen Kernel team is interested in using LTSI for their Kernel, it is a great chance for Tizen to submit their patches to LTSI now.

I am not sure how the kernel development of Tizen and Tizen IVI are organized but in the area of IVI (automotive), using LTSI is a MUST item if Tizen is really interested in penetrating in automotive industry.

So it is truly worthwhile for you guys to think about this.
I believe It is a good time to make a motion now.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.


Best regards

Nori Fukuyasu

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