[Dev] Multi User activation idea.

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Wed Oct 2 09:39:58 GMT 2013

 > we need a user
> database a bit more advanced than /etc/{passwd,groups}. We need the
> traditional Linux files (they may be read-only) to store the system
> accounts (bin, daemon, messagebus etc) and another to store human users
> (this DB needs to be writable).

We have a solution to address these areas. The basic 
passwd/shadow/groups are definitely not enough, but the solution we are 
working on keeps these the traditional way while extending the 
functionality and allowing certain edit operations.

For example shadow can currently contain only one credential per user, 
but this is not enough for things like allowing multiple alternatives 
like pin-code and biometric.

Also basic things like avatar images or nick names are not supported by 
the basic unix files, but those can be provided by extending the database.

We also support guest users with guest data cleanup so that the guest 
environment is fresh each time.

Another thing missing from Tizen is display/seat manager that can 
identify, login and switch users without traditional username+password 
prompt. For example based on biometrics or key fob on IVI. We are also 
working on solution for this.

So in addition to having broken base system from multi-user perspective, 
there are large parts missing from the basic multi-user enabling 

	- Jussi

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