[Dev] Multi User activation idea.

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>> Set LANG and TZ environment variables.
> Do these not have a system wide impact, resulting is all users picking up the same values?
> If so, consider from an IVI perspective we have a 'user' which is the system administrator - i.e. the guy in the garage that pulls logs, and diagnoses problems.
> If the owner/driver sets the language to something that administrator cannot understand could this not be perceived as an issue? If the OEM wishes to ensure that all logs/diagnosis traces are captured in one language, could the use of these env variables override such a policy?
> What happens if we have multiple concurrent users - drivers/passengers that what different language experiences?

Nope. These could be set per session. Even for the same user, i.e. you 
can simultaneously login to multiple virtual consoles and have different 
locale in every each of them.

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