[Dev] Code synchronization: smack, smack-privilege-config, libprivilege-control, security-server.

Bartlomiej Grzelewski b.grzelewski at samsung.com
Fri Oct 4 10:14:41 GMT 2013

Dear all,

Due to problem with platform build I was asked to move commits(all of them
were reviewed by Samsung engineers) from review.tizendev.org into
review.tizen.org. This is the list of repositories that should be

* platform/core/security/security-server (106 commits to move)

* platform/core/security/libprivilege-control (110 commits to move)

* platform/upstream/smack (21 comits to move. all of them must be
cherry-picked because tizendev does not contains upstream history)

* framework/security/smack-privilege-config (2 commits)


I would like to push commits for smack and smack-privilege-config through
gerrit. Who should be added as reviewer?


I believe that number of commits for security-server and libprivilege-config
is too big to push them through gerrit. The history on tizendev and tizen is
almost identical (usually tizen branch on tizen.org contains 6 or 7
additional commits at the top of history). If you don't have any objections
I would like to rebase all commits from tizen.org to base from tizendev
(branch master) and push it directly to tizen branch with force option.


If you have objection I will be force to use cherry-pick. Should I push all
the commits through gerrit(who should be added as reviewer?) or push it
directly to the git repository?


Best regards,

Bartlomiej Grzelewski

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