[Dev] Installing files in /bin and /usr/bin

Nashif, Anas anas.nashif at intel.com
Mon Oct 7 12:55:04 GMT 2013

you should always use _bindir which points to /usr/bin, /bin itself is a
link to /usr/bin.


On 07/10/2013 08:50, "Aleksander Zdyb" <a.zdyb at partner.samsung.com> wrote:

>Hello all!
>There is a fair number of programs, which are (traditionally) placed in
>/bin directory (cat, cp, rm, etc.).
>However, rpm, AFAIK, does not support this in %install and %files
>sections. There are only build-in macros ( %_bindir and %_sbindir),
>which are prefixed ( %_exec_prefix = /usr).
>I'm going to package symlinks for busybox, but have no idea on how to
>(properly) place some of the files in /bin -- i.e. is using
>%{buildroot}bin/cat a proper way in contrast with
>Or do we even care about distinguishing between /bin and /usr/bin?
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