[Dev] Please use "tizen_2.x_compat" branch for Tizen 3.0 image enabling with Gstreamer 0.10

Yin, Yan yan.yin at intel.com
Tue Oct 8 11:56:04 GMT 2013

Sorry, a mistake of "Tizen framework packages" corrected below -

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Subject: Please use "tizen_2.x_compat" branch for Tizen 3.0 image enabling with Gstreamer 0.10


We'll have another thread discussing the full gstreamer 0.10.x to 1.x upgrading plan. This thread will focus on discussing how to enable functional Tizen 3.0 image for both ARM and IA, with gstreamer 0.10.x actually used.

Gstreamer upgrading from 0.10.x to 1.x is a huge effort, which can be break down into 3 categories by packages:

1)       Upstream gstreamer packages: Tizen specific gstreamer 0.10.x patches need porting to those upstream 1.x gstreamer and gst-plugins-xxx packages.

l  gstreamer/gst-plugins-base/gst-plugins-good/gst-plugins-bad/gst-plugins-ugly/gst-libav/gst-omx/gstreamer-vaapi, etc.

2)       Tizen gstreamer plugins: Tizen specific gstreamer 0.10.x plugins need porting to 1.x API.

l  gst-plugins-ext0.10/gst-plugins-e4x12/ gst-plugins-fimcconvert/ gst-plugins-s5pc2xx/gst-plugins-atomisp/gst-plugins-emulator/gst-plugins-audio-hwdec, etc.

3)       Tizen framework packages: Tizen framework packages who use 0.10 gstreamer plugins and APIs need porting to 1.x API.

l  gst-rtsp-server-wfd, libmm-wfd, libmm-player, libmm-camcorder etc.

Previously, we have been using tizen_2.1_compat branch of platform/upstream/gst-plugins-xxx for Tizen 3.0 IA image enabling which proves to work smoothly , now Tizen 2.2 is released and we also need Tizen 3.0 ARM images, we need some changes here:

1)       Upstream gstreamer packages: rename tizen_2.1_compat branch to tizen_2.x_compat branch, change GIT<->OBS mapping correspondingly, so that tizen_2.x_compat branch package is submitted to OBS with package name suffixed with 0.10, these 0.10 packages will co-exist with those 1.x API gstreamer packages in same OBS project (and might even in same image during the migration).

2)       Tizen gsteamer plugins: populate tizen branch with tizen_2.2 branch content.

3)       Tizen framework packages: populate tizen branch with tizen_2.2 branch content.

@Praj, we need your help for below things, many thanks in advance!

1)       please remove below forked git path which is useless, we will use the tizen_2.x_compat branch of platform/upstream/gst-plugins-xxx instead.

2)       please change GIT<->OBS mappging from previously "tizen_2.1_compat<->Tizen" to "tizen_2.x_compat<->Tizen".


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