[Dev] Can't get rid of coreutils

Nashif, Anas anas.nashif at intel.com
Tue Oct 8 12:37:21 GMT 2013

The case when there are no runtime dependencies but a package is still
being pulled means that the package is being pulled due to a dependency
such as

Requires(post): coreutils


On 08/10/2013 08:07, "Aleksander Zdyb" <a.zdyb at partner.samsung.com> wrote:

>Hello all!
>coreutils are installed by `mic create` even though dependencies are
>fulfilled by another package.
>Full story:
>I've got a tiny image of TIZEN 3.0 (packages from live repos from
>tizen.org). The list of used packages is as follows:
>* dash
>* dbus
>* filesystem
>* libgudev
>* pam
>* systemd
>* libsystemd
>* util-linux-agetty [1]
>* util-linux-login-utils [2]
>* mount
>* rpm
>Certainly there are some dependencies installed automatically and one of
>them is coreutils (which I'm trying to get rid of).
>Knowing no other way to find out the reason it was installed by rpm, I
>tried to uninstall it from image:
># rpm -e coreutils
>error: Failed dependencies:
>     /usr/bin/mkdir is needed by (installed)
>     /usr/bin/rm is needed by (installed) shared-mime-info-1.0-2.12.armv7l
>So I found out, that only two binaries from coreutils were needed by
>other packages.
>I prepared two packages (busybox and busybox-symlinks), which provided
>the above files and added them to my list.
>And now I cannot prepare any image, because of this:
>Warning: file /usr/bin/mkdir conflicts between attempted installs of
>coreutils-8.21-2.7.armv7l and busybox-symlinks-1.20.2-10.armv7l
>Warning: file /usr/bin/rm conflicts between attempted installs of
>coreutils-8.21-2.7.armv7l and busybox-symlinks-1.20.2-10.armv7l
>Error <repo>: Could not run transaction.
>My question is, why would coreutils still be installed in spite of the
>dependencies are provided by busybox-symlinks?
>Subpackages of util-linux:
>[1] Provides only: /usr/sbin/agetty
>[2] Provides only: /etc/default/su, /etc/pam.d/login, /etc/pam.d/remote,
>/etc/pam.d/su, /etc/pam.d/su-l, /usr/bin/login, /usr/bin/su,
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