[Dev] Removable block devices in TIZEN

Jacek Pielaszkiewicz j.pielaszkie at samsung.com
Tue Oct 8 12:59:04 GMT 2013

Dear all,

	I have created set of patches to implement udisks on TIZEN and
replace removable block devices support in system-server by udisk. Main
reason for the proposed changes is to implement in TIZEN common and well
known functionalities that handle removable devices.

	Implemented changes:

(1) System-server patch - remove support for block devices in system-server
removal - remove udev rules that triggers action in system-server (rules for
add/remove kernel events)

(2) Udisks - initial version of the udisks repository for TIZEN - version

(3) libatasmart - initial version of the libatasmart repository for TIZEN -
version 0.19. The library is required by udisks.

(4) udisks-agent - my implementation of an simple agent that works in user
space. It handles events triggered by the udisks (add/remove device). The
agent provide very basic functionality - mount/unmount removable block
device. Any notification is not send to end-user. The agent in assumption
should be base for future works and closer integration with rest of TIZEN
components. To avoid any security issue I added wide rules in polkit to
allow every user mount removable block devices.

(5) polkit patch - add support in the polkit demon to be started by systemd.
The polkit is required by udisks.

	Issues/topics that required future works:

(1) Multi user support (open topic for TIZEN 3.0)

(2) Which API should we exposed for TIZEN applications - native udisk API
(dbus based) or build a new one on top of udisk API.

(3) In version 2.1.2 udisks has limited support for encrypted block devices
(only setup and mount such devices). Should we add support for other
operations like: initial encrypted block devices setup, in place
encryption/decryption, etc?

(4) Mount points location - by default udisks mount new block devices in
/run/media/__user__/__device_name__ in TIZEN it is /opt/storage/sdcard -

(5) Integration udisks with TIZEN security (security-server, ...)

	I would like publish my changes on tizen.org. I will be very
grateful for your opinions and comments.

Best regards

Jacek Pielaszkiewicz
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
Email: j.pielaszkie at samsung.com

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