[Dev] Tizen 3.0 proposal for fixing OSP/WRT/Core hard-coded UID issue

DURAND Baptiste Baptiste.DURAND at eurogiciel.fr
Tue Oct 8 17:53:18 GMT 2013

Hello Young,

For your information, a first proposal about multi-user, a bug has already filed for WRT side: 
 https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/PTREL-38 <https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/PTREL-38> 

Changes are already delivered few month ago.

a first proposal was made. 
There is a  limit : AMD & two launchpad are launched as USER and they are duplicated for each USER logged.

+ : 
User environement is sourced when a APP is launched.

- : 
Database access should be rw for other group :(

Your proposal :

+ : only 1 AMD for all users!

-: USER environement is not sourced when you launch APP OK for UID GID but for dbus session/ DISPLAY variable / Home directory ....
For multi screen usage i.e for example 4 screens for 4 users (1 user per screen) .. The application should appears in the same screen in a X platform (maybe for wayland is the same )

I have some doubt in the USER CASE :
App A use Application API to launch an other App (AppB)  by requesting a service . Is The socket created by the good user (not root [AMD] ) ? 
Did you test this?

Did you test your solution with 2 or more users connected?

Wich environement do you use for this test ?

Thanks for your answer


Baptiste DURAND

Eurogiciel Consultant for O.T.C.


Baptiste DURAND

Tel : +33 (0)

Skype ID :  bababa0044

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