[Dev] Clarificaiton: gstreamer git paths and branches in tizen.org

Zhu, Peter J peter.j.zhu at intel.com
Wed Oct 9 04:04:31 GMT 2013

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> Yan,
> That compat branch business was done "temporarily" FOUR months ago to get
> things going when we start moving to 3.0. It was supposed to serve as a bridge
> for a short time while you guys work on 1.0 porting. Based on discussions 4
> months ago the schedule for moving to 1.0 was September.
> It is really confusing and misleading and also will cause lots of conflicts if after
> 4 months we still did not move an inch and I would prefer that all the gst work
> is done in a proper way instead of doing parallel development of old and new
> code. It is already confusing now with many packages using 1.0 and other using
> 0.10.
I agree. However having Tizen 2.2 work on gstreamer 0.10 looks like one requirement from Samsung side now. I'm seeking comments from Samsung side whether we could skip this, i.e removing all gstreamer 0.10 from tizen.org right now and focus on 1.0 

> I would prefer to see a plan for removing 0.10 completely and starting a new
> page with 1.0 and fixing the issues as we go. We have seen that moving to 1.0
> comes with some issues, but those are manageable and less confusing as
> having to stacks of gst in the build.
Yes, we are working out a plan soon. 


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