[Dev] Critical vconf issue causing subtle failures throughout much of the tizen middleware

Rusty Lynch rusty.lynch at intel.com
Thu Oct 10 18:07:59 GMT 2013

While attempting to debug a bug with the audio session manager where any
operation would take a crazy long time to finish, I found that the
problem was that an in-memory vconf key was set with no data.  Vconf
would then do a series of retries to re-read data from the key when the
key is in fact just empty, where each retry is 100ms.

Without worrying about fixing vconf (since there is a team going off to
create a replacement for that), I wanted to understand why my vconf key
was set with no data in the first place.  On further investigation i
could see that the memory keys are initially populated with a set of
defaults from /opt/var/kdb/memory and that ALL of the defaults were just
empty files.

Looking into this a little further i can see that each of the entries
in /opt/var/kdb/memory were populated via the post section of various
packages where the post section would use the vconftool command to set
the default value.  While this technique works when installing a package
on a running live image, it fails when running at image creation time.

I don't know why this fails at image creation time, but I see a lot of
these empty default files and I suspect that each of these are
triggering some subtle, hard to debug failure condition.  In the case of
the audio-session-manager it makes the system appear to run very very
very slow.

Where should I file a bug for this?  This isn't IVI specific. Who would
own fixing this... the mic developers or the vconf developers?


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