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Hanchett, Paul phanchet at jaguarlandrover.com
Mon Oct 14 00:44:36 GMT 2013

So, when I do a repo sync (or even a regular git on the repository), I'm
probably getting the latest commits, which may or may not have been built
by OBS?

Just checking my understanding, now...

If I am doing new development (to run on Tizen, not necessarily the Tizen
distro)-- Is there a way to limit myself to the *latest* sources known to
build *without error*?


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On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 12:15 AM, Clark, Joel <joel.clark at intel.com> wrote:

> Merged code into git does not automatically generate a submit to OBS.  It
> is upto the project maintainer to judge when all the patches required for a
> submit have been merged to ensure when the code is submitted to OBS it will
> build properly.  The maintainer may decide to take even a few days to merge
> several patches before generating the submit request.
> Regards
> Joel
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> Look like some of the fixes being Merged to git but SR request is not
> raised. All Merged code should raise the SR for getting included in build.
> Today, still there are 16 failures for ARM build and not much SR visible
> yesterday. gst packages are still failing. Below of this mail is the URL to
> documentation of SR Process.
> No one came forwrard to fix one of the very important package "webkit2efl"
> package build failure. Hope maintainer looking into this email.
> No decision by Security team being made to solve the build failure of
> osp-installer. I would see the fix of osp-installer is very easy at the
> moment, once somebody look into this error.
> Therre is missing type "app_path_type_t" from smack module wheras similar
> type "app_type_t" is available to osp-installer. Why not add
> "app_path_type_t" declaration for the time being to solve this build error?
> Also, for some packages maintainer planning to ugrade. Is it not feasible
> first to solve build error then go for upgrading upstream packages? If it
> is really 'unavoidable' then there is no other way.
> If not, simple fix in existing package is desirable to proceed further.
>  Once, everything building properly & running, it would be easy to verify
> upgrades.
> osp-media still waiting to be fixed. The lower layer maintainer should pay
> attention to this.
> Here is the current list of failed packeges.
> edje_multisense_plugin
> gst-ffmpeg0.10
> gst-openmax
> gst-plugins-good0.10
> libug-setting-wifidirect-efl
> mobileprint
> net-config
> osp-app-controls
> osp-common-service
> osp-connectivity-service
> osp-installer
> osp-media
> osp-social
> webkit2-efl
> wrt-commons
> xf86-video-fbdev
> Hope to see some improvement today.
> BR,
> -Anuj
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> > https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/OSDev/Development_guide#How_to_trigger_sub
> > mission_to_OBS
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