[Dev] Errors while building wrt-plugins-tizen: A domain name system hasn't been yet defined by any package. Can't verify if it is allowed

Sentarek, Michał michal.sentarek at mobica.com
Mon Oct 14 11:05:35 GMT 2013


I make fresh copy of wrt-plugins-tizen  with "git clone" of

I'm trying to build it with GBS: gbs build -A i586 --debug

but I get an error:
[ 1132s] [508/532] installing contacts-service2-
[ 1132s] error: A domain name system hasn't been yet defined by any
package. Can't verify if it is allowed
[ 1132s] error: AC domain setup failed for contacts-service2
[ 1132s] error: contacts-service2- install failed
[ 1132s] exit ...

In the GBS log file I can also see errors:
[  827s] running setup postinstall script
[  827s] .init_b_cache/scripts/setup.post: line 1: syntax error near
unexpected token `name'
[  827s] .init_b_cache/scripts/setup.post: line 1: `for i, name in
ipairs({"passwd", "shadow", "group", "gshadow"}) do'

[  833s] [9/532] installing filesystem-3.1-5.14
[  833s] error: Failed to set SMACK64 _ for /proc: Operation not supported

I build with the following repository set in .gbs.conf:
url = http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/tizen/ivi/ivi-release/latest/

Does anyone know what can cause this problem?

Thanks and regards

Michał Sentarek

Mobica Ltd
Software Engineer
Skype: michal.sentarek.mobica

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services based in the UK and Poland, with a worldwide customer base. We
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