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So, when I do a repo sync (or even a regular git on the repository), I'm probably getting the latest commits, which may or may not have been built by OBS?

that is correct.

You can use manifest file from published repositories like
to get exact revisions that are in OBS.

Alternatively, you can in repository refer to the latest accepted/tizen/* tag.

Just checking my understanding, now...

If I am doing new development (to run on Tizen, not necessarily the Tizen distro)-- Is there a way to limit myself to the latest sources known to build without error?

Generally it should be revisions that are mentioned in above manifest.
However, right now Tizen 3.0 content under heavy development, so some build errors are still present in the repositories and developers are working on fixing them.


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Merged code into git does not automatically generate a submit to OBS.  It is upto the project maintainer to judge when all the patches required for a submit have been merged to ensure when the code is submitted to OBS it will build properly.  The maintainer may decide to take even a few days to merge several patches before generating the submit request.


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Look like some of the fixes being Merged to git but SR request is not raised. All Merged code should raise the SR for getting included in build.
Today, still there are 16 failures for ARM build and not much SR visible yesterday. gst packages are still failing. Below of this mail is the URL to documentation of SR Process.

No one came forwrard to fix one of the very important package "webkit2efl" package build failure. Hope maintainer looking into this email.

No decision by Security team being made to solve the build failure of osp-installer. I would see the fix of osp-installer is very easy at the moment, once somebody look into this error.
Therre is missing type "app_path_type_t" from smack module wheras similar type "app_type_t" is available to osp-installer. Why not add "app_path_type_t" declaration for the time being to solve this build error?

Also, for some packages maintainer planning to ugrade. Is it not feasible first to solve build error then go for upgrading upstream packages? If it is really 'unavoidable' then there is no other way.
If not, simple fix in existing package is desirable to proceed further.  Once, everything building properly & running, it would be easy to verify upgrades.

osp-media still waiting to be fixed. The lower layer maintainer should pay attention to this.
Here is the current list of failed packeges.

Hope to see some improvement today.


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> https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/OSDev/Development_guide#How_to_trigger_sub
> mission_to_OBS
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