[Dev] Tizen 3.0 proposal for fixing OSP/WRT/Core hard-coded UID issue

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Tue Oct 15 08:47:45 GMT 2013

On 14.10.2013 20:46, Schaufler, Casey wrote:
> At user session termination AMD is sent a message about the termination.

I think this is ugly. Apps should be terminated as part of the process 
tree within the session and not through auxiliary control through the 

> To launch an application a message is sent to AMD by the user. AMD looks
> at the SO_PEERCRED information to reliably determine the UID. This is
> used to identify the user session. Since AMD already has the relevant
> information about the user session no further action is required.

Could you elaborate how single AMD can have relevant information about 
the user session? I can see how it could have the information when it 
runs itself as part of the session, but not when it's running outside 
and handling multiple simultaneous sessions of different UIDs.

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