[Dev] regarding process for patch submission when there is no packaging dir for tizen upstream projects

Kanevskiy, Alexander alexander.kanevskiy at intel.com
Tue Oct 15 11:54:29 GMT 2013

On 10/15/13 07:38 , "RAVI NANJUNDAPPA" <nravi.n at samsung.com> wrote:


If you need to make modification in some source files, you don't submit
patch as *.patch to packaging directory.
You need to do code modification on top of content in "tizen" branch and
submit that change for review.
Patches in packaging directory are generated automatically based on the
commit difference between "upstream" and "tizen" branches.

Almost the same thing with spec file: if you have changes to it that are
not related to add new lines like "PatchXXX:" or "%patchXXX:", then just
apply them on spec file in "tizen" branch and submit them for review.

>hi Junfeng, 
>Thanks for that quick information.
>Well... I was looking into the "upstream" branch of the gcc48 git project.
>Just now I checked out the "tizen" branch of the git source and I was
>able to see the packaging directory.
>I was thinking I should add the .patch file into the packaging directory
>as we can see in
>https://build.tizen.org/package/show?package=gcc48&project=Tizen and
>update the spec file with the patch files.
>But the packaging directory in the checkout git source, doesn't list any
>of the .patch files and even the spec file with the patch commands.
>I was wondering why there is such  a descrepancy in the packaging
>directory contents from OBS and git sources.
>Thanks and Best Regards,
>N Ravi
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>Title : RE: [Dev] regarding process for patch submission when there is no
>packaging dir for tizen upstream projects
>Hi Ravi,
>I have submitted some changes to gcc48 project, and doesn¹t run into the
>problem you mentioned.
>Are you using the ³tizen² branch? ³packaging² dir is there. And could you
>should me you change and the push command?
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>Subject: [Dev] regarding process for patch submission when there is no
>packaging dir for tizen upstream projects
>Hi All, 
>I would like to submit a change for gerrit review request of
>"platform/upstream/gcc48" gerrit project.
>It include a patch and spec file changes.
>Since there is no packaging dir in the above git path after doing a git
>clone, I couldn't find a way to git push the spec and patch changes.
>I followed the  "Building using upstream tarball and patch generation"
>section of
>But gbs export gave a consolidated changes along with mine ( after
>updating the source changes), which doesn't clearly identify my changes.
>So, kindly provide your inputs/steps to be followed which will be very
>much required for the change submission.
>Thanks and Best Regards,
>N Ravi

Best regards, Alexander Kanevskiy.

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